Various Profession courses and PG Degrees
SNoProfessional/PG Courses
13D Animation and Visual Effects
2Advance Diploma in Hardware and Networking (ADHN)
3Advanced Diploma in Multi-lingual Computer Programming (ADMCP)
4CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)
5Certification Program for Network Planning and Optimization
6Certification Program for Telecom Software Testing
7Certified Professional for the Web Development
8Database Administration
9HCE+ (Hardware Course)
10IHT Certified Network Professional
11IIJT Certified Networking Expert (IC- Next) (PC NEXT)
12Information Security and Ethical Hacking
13Integrated Master of Computer Application (IMCA)
14M.Sc. Computer Science
15Master in Computer Management (MCM)
16Master of Science Information Technology MSc (IT)
18MBA Telecommunication Systems Management
20Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications
21Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)
22Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)
23Robotics Course
24SAP Courses
25TCNP Certification
26Web & Software
27AWS DevOps Architect Masters Program
28Online Masters Degree in Creative App Development
29Master's Degree In Software Engineering And Computer Systems
30Master in Software Engineering for Embedded Systems
31Master in Economics Cybernetics
32Master of Information and Data Science
33Master Architect Online Application Software Developer (Etna)
34Web Master In High Performance Programming Online
35Expertise In Strategic Management In Software Engineering
36Master of Computer and Information Sciences
37Mastery In Direction And Engineering In Websites
38Online Master of Education and NP Endorsement in Educational Technology
39MicroMasters Program in Cloud Computing
40Master In Gamification And Transmedia Storytelling
41Master of Fine Arts in Sudio and Digital Arts
42Cloud Engineer Masters Program
43Big Data Hadoop Solutions Architect Program
44Cloud Solutions Architect Masters Program
45Integrated Program in Cloud and DevOps
46Microsoft Azure Developer Solution Architect Masters Program
47Devops Engineer Masters Program
48Agile DevOps Expert Program
49Full Stack Web Developer - MEAN Stack Masters Program
50Data Scientist Masters Program
51Business Analytics Expert Masters Program
52Integrated Program in Big Data and Data Science
53MicroMasters Program in Business Analytics
54MicroMasters Program in Cybersecurity
55MicroMasters Program in Professional Android Developement
56MicroMasters Program in Software Development
57MicroMasters Program in Big Data
58MICROMASTERS E-learning Program
59MicroMasters Program in Robotics
60MicroMasters Program in Analytics
61MicroMasters Program in Data Science
62MicroMasters Program Software Testing and Verification
63MicroMasters Program in Bioinformatics
64MicroMasters Program in User Experience (UX) Research and Design
65Master of Software Engineering
66M.Sc. in Cognitive Systems
68Masters Degree In Video Game Design And Development
69International Master In Digital Communication
70Master Business Computer Science
71Online Master Degree in Software Engineering
72Master In Big Data And Data Science
73Web Development Bootcamp
74Course in Web Development & Design
75Course Cgi (computer Generated Imaginery)
76Computing and Systems Development (QCF)
77Microsoft Office Courses
79Course in Machine Learning
80Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012
81Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning and E-Tutoring
82Game Development Programme
83Top Grade Training Cycle In Web Application Development
84Graduate Certificate in Data Science and Innovation
86Diploma in Network Security Specialist